CMN150 | Task 2 | Photojournalism

PHOTO 1: Composition


HOLIDAY WATCH: With an influx of Australian tourists on school holidays, Nicholas Bolton, 23, keeps watch over beach-goers. He says Australians flock to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland because it’s known for having great weather and great beach conditions even though it’s been overcast for the past few days. “I think the holiday-goers still come down regardless…It’s just a really nice place to come,” he said. “The water’s really nice and warm this time of year.”


This photo was composed so that the objects in the foreground pointed in the same direction: towards the beach/ocean. Not only does the man look to the left, but the direction of the speaker also indicates where to look. It points to the open space enhancing the mood that the lifeguard is looking out over the ocean. Natural lighting was used and because it was overcast there were no unwanted shadows. The binoculars and the subject’s face sit on the far right Rule Of Thirds line. The speaker and roof frame the subject’s face, while the land in the distance lies directly on the top Rule Of Third line. This photo captures the story brief because an increase in tourism means an increase in people on our beaches, and Surf Life Savers are the ones who see this increase. The fact that this photo was taken during school holidays when tourism numbers are increased adds to the how newsworthy it is.

PHOTO 2: Lighting


DARK WALK HOME: Michael Cook, 21, has to walk back to his car in the dark when his university classes run past sunset. While most pathways are lit, the 15 minute walk back to the free car parking isn’t. It is for this reason that Mr Cook supports renewed calls for South East Queensland to join New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in instituting daylight saving. He said while it would be effective for late-night classes and most businesses, he has one exception. “I think daylight saving would work if there weren’t regional exclusions,” he said. “It gets confusing for everyone.”


N.B.: The quality of this photo is poor because it was taken at night on an iPhone. Highlights and shadows were my focus for this photo. The photo needed to show the lone pathway in the dark vastness to emphasise the subject’s point about how unsafe it is walking back to class at 6pm or 7pm. It is for this reason that the background contains the incremental light posts that light the pathway into the distance, but nothing else. The subject was placed a few metres behind a light post so that his figure was adequately lit with an unnerving shadow purposefully cast. This photo fulfils the story brief because if daylight saving were implemented in Queensland we would have more sun in the afternoon, which positively affects students who have classes late afternoon/ in the evening. This photo was taken at that time to emphasise that point.

PHOTO 3: Portraiture cam-a

CLUB SPIRIT: Cameron Asmussen, 18, has played for the Maroochydore Hockey Club for the past nine years. To him the club is so much more than a place to unleash his competitive streak. “You don’t just go to play hockey, you go to enjoy the time with your team and the hockey community,” he said.


He’s been placed in front of hockey goal posts whilst holding his hockey stick to exemplify that club and sport image. Framing/composition played the main role in this photo. While the trees provided a full background, the combination of the goal posts and the two colours on the turf framed the subject well. His face and hockey stick lie on the top and bottom line of the Rule Of Thirds as well. The juxtaposition of the yellow shirt with all the green works well to highlight the subject and the club’s colours. The subject is purposefully wearing his club uniform to fulfil the story brief which was to photograph someone from a club in that environment.

PHOTO 4: News photography

photo-4-definiteWALKING FOR A CAUSE: Lee Baker, 43 and a volunteer at Lifeline, marshals the ‘Out Of The Shadows’ walk at Cotton Tree Park in a bid to raise awareness and remove the stigma surrounding suicide. For Baker, the topic hits close to home, as his father attempted suicide multiple times while suffering from Dementia in his later life.


The background of the photo provides context showing where the event took place. The walk was on the pathway surrounding the lake, which is shown on both sides of the subject. The subject is placed so that the natural lighting hits his face and does not cast any shadows. Having the sunlight hitting the subject was important to symbolise ‘out of the shadows’ and talking about this social issue. The subject was placed in a natural stance holding the yellow balloon which he was holding during the walk to show that he was one of the marshals. Using the rule of thirds, the subject’s face hits the top line, drawing the viewer to that point. In each grid of the rule of thirds, space is adequately filled. This photo fulfilled the story brief as it’s on location, it clearly shows someone associated with Lifeline (the organisation that ran the event), and the caption delves deeper into how he is affected by suicide.


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