Montville: a different side to the Sunshine Coast

On a wall in my family’s dining room is a mahogany grandfather clock. My father purchased it for my mother 10 years ago and ever since, it has chimed every 15 minutes remaining one of the key talking points of our home. The clock comes from a quaint store in the town of Montville where wood and glasswork feature strongly in shops along the main street. And much like our beloved family clock, Montville is an integral part of its own home, the Sunshine Coast.

The hinterland, and in particular Montville’s main street, is colder than other known parts of the Sunshine Coast, but warm in its heritage. 19th and 20th century European architecture line the street with Tudor homes, Irish, English, Bavarian and Swiss styles represented. It’s arguable that this town is better suited to an older tourist or retiree, but as a 21-year-old woman it’s a welcome change if the beach is not your style. Inside the warm, wooden buildings are a range of shops specializing in antiques, art, jewelry, toys, lollies, opals, and anything you can think of made out of wood.

But perhaps the best part of Montville is not even one of the shops, but a chapel overlooking the Hinterland. Known as the heart of Montville, it lies off the aptly named Chapel Lane and the attention to detail in this piece of art epitomizes the town’s charm.


The chapel on Chapel Lane, Montville, just before completion.

The building is actually one of the most recent additions to the town, but it was made using a medieval technique. Though quite small in size, the sandstone building catches the eye of passersby with its rich brown and white hues and perfectly carved arched windows. If you’re lucky enough to go inside you’ll find glossy, white onyx tiles and brown vines printed up the triangular roof, which draw the eye out into the hinterland view.

Small detail and historic vibes are what this town is all about. It’s a welcome change to the stereotypical beach, surf and swim activities that many tourists would look to when visiting the Sunshine Coast. So set your horizons upwards to the hinterland, and discover the main street of Montville.


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