Sitting amongst the hip, new restaurants of Ocean Street lies perhaps the hippest of them all – Junk – a restaurant offering a range of Asian cuisines at reasonable prices. There’s no doubt that the food is delicious both in taste and appearance. I knew about Junk via the countless aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts before I had seen the actual shop.

It has a social vibe to it, which stems from the menu options. Most meals are intended to be shared, with the majority costing $10.

Their ramen dish is incredibly flavorsome but perhaps a little too salty. Presented beautifully and definitely an upgrade from what college students might make at home, it’s not too heavy on the stomach and for just $10 the combination of noodles, pork, bamboo, nori and a slow cooked egg are perfectly filling.

If you’re wanting to share meals, the pork dumplings, crispy peking duck spring rolls with spicy plum sauce, and JFC Korean fried chicken wings are all taste-filled and bring something new to their traditional westernized style.

There’s no doubt that the food is tasty, but sadly this is completely overridden by the dilapidated furniture and cramped layout.

Let me just say that a plastic milk crate with a wooden block on top does not constitute a chair, no matter how hipster you claim to be. When did makeshift furniture become standard in new restaurants and cafes? It’s a growing trend and it needs to stop.

Perhaps it’s just not my style. Perhaps some people enjoy having no back support and losing feeling in their behind, but there’s no doubt it hinders the enjoyment of the food.

Junk, if you’re going to continue with the uncomfortable seating, at least add a cushion next time.


Lunch & Dinner

(07) 5479 4774

3/12-20 Ocean St, Maroochydore QLD 4558


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