REVIEW: Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid advertisement. After researching teeth whitening, I chose this method and paid for my procedure in full. 

After trying countless over-the-counter teeth whitening methods without seeing significant results I went to a dentist and dental hygienist to achieve a longer lasting result.

My teeth were never unappealing or distinctly yellow to begin with. But ever since I had braces I’ve always wanted to achieve that pearly white smile.

I had seen other bloggers trying the Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment, so after years of deliberating, I finally splurged and gave it a go.

Here’s how it went…


The mouth piece is fitted, then padding is inserted around the gums.


The gums are protected and then the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is placed onto the teeth. 


The Zoom light is then placed on the mouth piece for 15 minutes. This is repeated four times.



Amazing, right?


By nightfall chemical burns on my gums had appeared and my teeth had already begun to fade. It started with a bit of patchiness but after a few weeks, they had returned to their original shade pre-whitening.

Side effects of any whitening, but particularly with this intense kind of treatment also include nerve pain through the tooth to the bone. My hygienist described them as “zingers”. These “zingers” lasted for about two weeks, decreasing in intensity over that time.


You can see the teeth beginning to yellow from the centre (left). The dark red marks are chemical burns where the gel seeped through.

This procedure cost $750 when discounted (private health covered a minuscule proportion of that cost). The normal price is $880. That cost included my own teeth moulds for whitening in the future, a syringe of whitening gel, a syringe of numbing gel, and a follow-up consultation.  Still, it’s an exorbitant amount of money for something that just didn’t last. Apparently this procedure gives amazing results to others, but my teeth re-hydrated far too quickly.

When I returned to the hygienist a week later, I was given some whitening gel to place in my new teeth moulds in a bid to whiten them over time (rather than in an hour). Unfortunately though, this only produced temporary results.

It’s been five months since I underwent the Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment and my teeth now look exactly as they did beforehand. For anyone looking at professional teeth whitening, don’t waste your money on this procedure.


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